Was there ever a time you said something that crushed someone’s spirit?

Or you did so without knowing?

If you knew, did you apologize?

Okay. Keep the answer to yourself. I’m not here to judge you. I have no business with that. I have something to say, however:

The time has come for us to grow to that point where we have total control over our emotions

Over our tongues

Over our actions

Can’t you see that you have remained the same because you keep making excuses for your bad attitude and lack of emotional intelligence?

It’s been 5,6,7,10,15 years and counting yet you still find yourself doing the same thing. It’s not village People. You simply told yourself that’s how you are

You named your fault.

Apart from encouraging you to read, I desire to raise men and women who are not just sound intellectuals but also those who have the virtues, values and attitude to take over industries and influence other humans as well

Don’t make excuses for your faults.

Stand up to them and own them. That’s maturity!

By all means, GROW UP!


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