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Merite Hub Africa

… excellence or nothing

We are a community made up of writers, readers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving themselves.

At MHA, emphasis is placed on constant self-development for efficiency and productivity in life and business. From time to time, conferences are organized on writing, reading and entrepreneurship and seasoned speakers with specialty in the chosen topic are invited to share from their wealth of knowledge. 

This is done to empower our members for takeover in their various fields of endeavour.

MHA has four major arms; 

Bookstore, Bookclub, Writers’ Academy & Reading right

See Some Facts

At MHA we desire to


Make writing and reading fun


Help struggling Writers/Authors with their book project


Raise a community of voracious readers


Raise smart Entrepreneurs


Make knowledge easily accessible


Our Vision

To increase knowledge through the creation (writing) and consumption (reading) of published assets.

Our Mission

1. To be the most practical and result-proven book consulting firm.

2. To be committed to helping clients under us make jaw-dropping profit from their book sales, editing, publishing or ghostwriting services

3. To raise a community of voracious Readers, Writers and Entrepreneurs

4. To be the most preferred Academy for training professional Writers, Editors, Publishers and Ghostwriters with proven results

Meet Merite

...your Mid-Wife on book matters


Anayo Merit Omasirichi holds degrees in English Studies (BA) and English and Communication Arts (MA) from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt and Ignatius Ajuru University of Education respectively, all in Nigeria.

She runs a fast growing reading community on Facebook known as ‘Merite’s Hub Africa’ which had over 920 members in less than two months after creation.

She is committed to helping people develop their reading skills. She owns a Bookclub where book lovers and budding book lovers come together to share related thoughts. 

Merit encourages the habit of reading through her articles and book reviews. She is an ardent book lover who is passionate about reading.

As a writer and Book Project Consultant, she is also helping many persons develop their writing skills through her writing courses and packages at Merite’s Writers’ Academy, a platform where writers are groomed to be better at what they do.

She is also an Editor, Ghostwriter, Trainer and Book Publisher.

Merit has organized several programs on reading and writing aimed at helping members grow in the art of reading, writing and entrepreneurship. Some of the webinars include ‘Writer’s Block’, ‘Writing Right’, ‘Stomping out of Depression’ ‘Short Story Writing’, ‘How to Sell’ ‘Reading, a Profitable Exercise’ ‘Multiple streams of Income’ ‘Let’s Talk about Writing’ ‘Business Values’ and many others.

She has been invited to speak in various platforms including Upgrade Hub Africa, Team Extra-Ordinary, Singles and Couples Corner, Ladies Afire Network and etcetera.

She is the Author of The Art of Reading: How to Develop your Reading Skills and a free short story by her, A Second Chance at love

She has several articles to her credit and she is also the CEO of Merite’s Fashion.

Meet Our Team

Esther Oluwalese

Bookclub Coordinator

Sharon S Gimba

Coordinator, Reading Right

Oghenero Okikie

Head, Operations

Merit Anayo

Founder/ CEO
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